Planning is an essential part of an organization’s success; forecasts, projections, and budgets have always been integral components in the operation of any type of organization both for-profit and non-profit. At Thomas Kellie & Co. we believe well thought-out and accurate prospective financial information has always been and will always be an essential management tool in predicting future outcomes. In addition, prospective financial information is often required for financing and investment decisions.

Forecasts and Projections

Thomas Kellie & Co. understands the importance of accurate and meaningful financial forecasts and projections. However, we believe this type of information is most effective and useful when it’s developed in cooperation with a client’s participation and input, “who knows more about your organization that you therefore, we encourage our clients get involved”. It’s been our experience that your participation in the development of pro forma information enhances its usefulness.

“What’s the difference between a financial forecast and projection”? Forecasts are designed to predict how an entity will perform if it continues to function and operate as it currently does. Projections, on the other hand, predict what would happen if an entity makes one or more changes to its current course of action.

Generally, forecasts are more reliable than projections because projections introduce changes to current operations, but both require preparation by highly skilled professionals to ensure their accuracy. Only with accurate information can you properly position your business or entity for growth and when needed present a strong case to creditors and investors.


Thomas Kellie & Co. believes that an in-depth budget is also a very important management tool. A properly executed budget can:

  • Create operating financial benchmarks
  • Establish attainable short- and long-term goals
  • Support long-range and strategic planning
  • Assist in the development of reliable projections and forecasts
  • Predict periods of cash surplus and shortfall
  • Guide management in proper allocation of manpower, materials and other resources

Our firm assists small and medium sized businesses in developing capital budgets for expenditures that may require special financial and operating budgets used in planning and controlling routine operations. In addition, we prepare cash budgets that will help guide you with cash receipts and disbursements planning.

Creating an accurate budget is very important but subsequent monitoring of your budget(s) is even more critical. Thomas Kellie & Co. will help you anticipate and prepare for cash shortfall, identify expenses that are out of line, properly utilize profits, and advise on the financial implications of other developments throughout the year. If you are interested in these service please call (440) 638-2440 for a free consultation.