peopleAt Thomas Kellie & Co. we focus on “People Driven” strategies that allow an organization to maximize their efficiencies and drive growth. We team with our clients to identify areas that will allow them to maximize their strengths and talents in order to efficiently drive overall growth.

Picture an organization of any kind, be it a small non-profit organization run by five team members or a large multinational corporation with thousands of employees; now take away the people. What do you have left? Not a whole lot.

You may have envisioned the organization’s physical resources as what was left behind such as empty buildings and quiet offices, or its financial resources like the money behind the business, but no matter how great an organization’s physical or financial resources, or how successful its product or service, it is clear that no organization can thrive without its foundation and its blood – its people. People are an organization’s strongest resource. They are the intelligence, the skill, the decision makers and the energy behind the success (or even failure) of any organization.

People are an invaluable resource to organizations, and so businesses of all kinds are becoming increasingly selective with the talent they bring into their teams. Recruiters and Human Resources professionals’ major job is to ensure that interested job applicants have the right experience, attitudes, ability and decision-making skills that fit an organization’s culture and in turn, help drive it to success. Employers cannot afford to simply fill positions; they must ensure that positions are filled with the right people and that these right people are there to stay. This means employers are responsible for taking special care to ensure that their employees are satisfied and happy with their positions and work culture, no matter how major or minor their role.

With people being such an invaluable resource to organizations, many businesses are moving towards “people-driven’ strategies that focus on the long-term satisfaction of their people as a stepping stone to the organization’s achievement. This requires developing a compelling vision, a strategy for achieving it, as well as incentives that ensure that people work toward that vision as a team.

Just like a heart cannot beat without flowing blood, an organization cannot live without its solid team of talented, dedicated and engaged people. At Thomas Kellie & Co., our goal is to become an extension of your team, allowing your employees to focus on what they do best. Please visit our services section to see how we can help you.